Welcome to my life

30 08 2007

Hello my viewers…Welcome to my life…

I decided to start this blog to have somewhere to “put” my life.  My life consists of being a stay at home mom to my two girls and a wife to my husband.  Now I know what you are thinking…She is a stay at home mom…How interesting can this actually be…You shall see my darlings…You shall see…

Today was the most active wake up I have ever had…Not in a good lovin type of way either.  I woke this morning to my oldest daughter (at an old age of 3) getting into things in my room that she damn well knows she is not suppose to be in…Add to that the cat puking all over the floor and top it off with a screaming baby in the baby monitor…Good morning Rachel!

Moving right along…dirty dishes need to be washed…Clothes that are just DYING to get in the washer and my youngest daughter would also love to fill in for the vacuum and pick up every little thing you can find on the floor and put it in her mouth for me…What a nice girl…Thats okay honey…Mom will vacuum again….

Well…Thats my morning…And the damn dishes still need to be cleaned…Do you think my current job would pay for someone to come in and wash them for me? They would probably not even offer the time off to find the person to clean them….Oh well…One of the downfalls of the job…..




One response

30 08 2007

That is a rough morning for sure. I am happy with just an alarm clock… no need for children and cats…

Hope the rest of your day is better.

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