Big Fat Liar

24 10 2007

Okay..So I lied….

My life is not interesting. 

I sit here looking at the laundry pile I am STILL trying to get rid of since Monday and the sink full of dishes that are completely out of hand at this point.  These are the two things I put off more than grocery shopping.  I hate them, I lothe them.  I would rather not eat, then do them.  That is huge considering the fact that I love food more than life itself.

I think my problem is how horribly overwhelmed I get when I look at a sink full of dirty dishes or a laundry sorter full of dirty clothes.  I know looking at the piles that this chore in itself can not just be fixed in one sitting… 

Laundry takes hours to complete from start to finish and the dishes will also include cleaning the WHOLE kitchen as I am programed completely retarded and I can’t do one without the other…(I know, get over it).  That being said, both chores are NEVER done.

Besides these horrible life consuming chores, my life is pretty dull at this moment…

Anyone want to be the glamorous me?




3 responses

24 10 2007

LOL – That is exactly why I am going to hire a maid if and when I find a new place to live.

I hate to do the dishes, and I hate to do laundry as well.

I personally subscribe to the 1-load-a-day method. Although you are always doing laundry, to me it is better than sitting and waiting for hours for the laundry to be done or rotated.

As for dishes… dishwasher… invest in the future!

I am sure you life isn’t as dull as you make it out to be.

And I like shopping 😉

24 10 2007

I do have a dishwasher…But my pans can’t go in there!

28 10 2007

Rachel, seriously… it is time to invest in paper plates!!

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