Sick, bored and bad

26 10 2007

So as you may have guessed…We have SICK PEOPLE!  Both Rainee and Rylee have a head cold so far…We are seriously hoping to stay away from the chest area in the cold department.  Rainee is such an emotional little girl and she is driving me emotionally crazy.  Poor thing is whiny and stuffed up.  Rylee’s nose is about to run off her face completely.  They both hate me with passion at this point for wipping their noses every 2 minutes because I can’t stand the site of a kid with a runny nose!  Come on people…Please wipe your kids boogers off their face BEFORE they hit the mouth! OMG!

Moving right along…I don’t have anything to do…Well let me refraise that, I don’t have anything I want to do.  I could do the dishes, or maybe even sweep the floor.  I could throw in one of the last 2 loads of laudry I have to do, but that would seriously take all the fun out of my day.  I mean seriously, do I really want to spoil the text messaging fight with my husband with a load of laundry?  What fun would that be?  So, I am going to do nothing today…Because I DON’T WANT TO!




One response

26 10 2007

Sorry to hear you have sick people… I will be nowhere near your house until you announce different 😀

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