Why would you need to RSVP?

28 10 2007

I suppose there are so many people that do not feel the need to RSVP for things.  Why is that you ask?  Because they are to good for it, or maybe because they don’t want to waste their precious time doing such things.  They say, you should just know that I am coming because I am family…What a crock!

 At the beginning of this month we told all of our close friends that we were going to have a small Halloween party.  I made it very clear that you could not bring kids and that you had to dress up to come.  I did not say these things to be a b**ch, I said it because I wanted a night of fun with out KIDS.  I stay home with my kids all day, everyday.  That’s right, 24/7.  My husband works a night job also, so I am with the ALOT!  So, I got a babysitter.  My mother and father in laws took Rainee overnight…WOO HOO. 

Moving right along…Did I mention we were beyond poor at this current time?  Well we are.  I can live with it, but I knew I needed to have some type of treat to eat since I asked everyone else to bring something as well.  You know, like a potluck type of thing.  So, I went out and bought, with the money I REALLY don’t have, the ingredients to make a cheeseball and crackers.  Made the cheeseball….

NO ONE SHOWED UP!  Thats right, I was calling people a few hours before the party and every single person, that did not RSVP, was not coming!  Are you serious?  WTF?  So, the only person that was coming was my best friend and her husband…Yeah, I called and told them no one was coming so they could do something else on the one night they had a sitter.  I would not want to waster my sitter on just sitting at home doing nothing either, but you guessed it, thats what we did!

I can not believe that no one could find a sitter, or that they had plans already.  I honestly think people just did not want to dress up.  Why not?  It is so much fun to have some drinks and be merry while being dressed up and celebrating Halloween! I was so excited for this party, I mean seriously, I needed it!  With everything we are dealing with right now, can’t a girl get a freakin break?

Anyway, that’s my one and only time that I will complain about that nights events.  I will never throw another party and invite these people.  I will continue to invite people over for dinner and I will go to parties at their houses because I always love a get together, but I will not have another get together for fun, with these people at my home…




One response

29 10 2007

That sucks! You should go trick all of those people on Halloween.

It is incredibly ridiculous. What does it take to RSVP… a call, a note, an email, a txt msg, an IM… for crying out loud!

I agree… all those who did not RSVP/show… fired from the friends list. Let them earn it back (if you are nice and willing).

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