Is that a skunk and a unicorn?

2 11 2007

Halloween was awesome…The kids had a great time and we all dressed up.  Rainee was a Skunk and Rylee was a purple Unicorn.  Cody was Death and i was maid Marian.  Of course there are pictures of everyone, but me.  Now that I think about it, there are no pictures of me anywhere.  I suppose no one feels the need to have pictures of me flowing through life.  Not that I nessecarily blame them, I swear I don’t photograph well…Or maybe I look like I do in photos all the time…But I am going to chose to believe that is not the case.  

Today is my darling husbands birthday.  He turns 27 today.  Ha..Still older than me, even if it is only a year.  Luckily we are not people that give two s**ts about getting any older.  I am off to buy him the best present that 20 dollars can buy! I am also getting ready to make his birthday cake.  He deserves only home made, they are the best!

 I leave you with some spooky Halloween pictures of my wonderful family in DRAG~ LOL

img_0746.jpg  img_0749.jpg

Cute animal butts!

img_0747.jpg   img_0748.jpg

Could we be any sweeter?


Give me your candy or Death is gonna take you!




3 responses

5 11 2007

Great shots! Great costumes too! Too bad there are none of you… maybe next time? Maid Marian is a great idea… I never would have thought…

Happy Birthday to Cody! Woot! 27… I thought he and you were much younger than me… guess not.

Hope the rest of your weekend was good!

6 11 2007

So cute! And happy birthday to your hubby!

12 11 2007
Kellan Studios

I love the costumes!! Kids get the best end of the deal on halloween. They can be cute, creepy, crazy, whatever and everyone finds it adorable. If I wore a skunk costume it wouldn’t go over as well!

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