Been busy, but I swear I was gonnna…

7 11 2007

I know…its been almost a freakin week since I posted.  What can I say…I don’t even have a good excuse except pretty much feeling like I got NOTHIN to say.  Now I know that all of my (1) devoted readers are thinking…How is it possible that this Oh So Very Interesting Person could not have anything to write about?  Well darling…I am scrapping something together just for you! 

So, last time I posted was on dear Hubby’s birthday…It went well.  I made a beautiful cake…2 layers and a magnificent shade of blue every mom would pine for….

 img_0764.jpg   img_0765.jpg

I also turned regular old Vanilla ice cream into butterfinger ice cream…You know…Chopped up 2 butterfinger candy bars and stirred them in to softened vanilla ice cream…I know, I am genius!  Invited close friends and family over to enjoy the eats with us and gave him his presents from me…I also did not b**ch even once when he switched it to the sports channel to check scores…And that my friends is what he will really tell people that I got him for his birthday!

On that note…Enjoy the day cause I got nothin else!




One response

8 11 2007

Amazing shade of blue… and you are right Mom pined…

Glad to hear you are still alive… been a long time since we have talked.

Things are good over here too 😀

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