Been Mia..But baby we are back!

8 01 2008

Okay…I know…WTF? Where did I go?

Would you accept nothing to write about? Or maybe just lack of ambition to do so?

Well lets just say that the holidays were “OK” and that its a new year baby!

I could not be ANY happier to be starting a new year…Yep, goodbye 2007 you will hardly be missed!  On to bigger and better things…Back to eating better and getting things done in just everyday life.  I resolved to get organized in my life and eat better…None of that crappy lose weight stuff…I just want to be a healthier me, even if that means I stay the happy with myself size that I am.

I have been reading like mad lately and I can’t be controled.  Seriously, I think I may have some kind of reading sickness…Is that possible?  With reading comes thinking for me. It opens up places in my mind to things that I just can’t stop.  Imagination and what ifs.  I should not be a reader, but man I love it!

Nora Roberts is an amazing writer and my new fav is definately Stephanie Meyers…You go girls! Men just can’t even begin to compete with what these woman put onto pages. So now that I have revamped my blog and updated everything, I am off to get some reading in.  Cause of course my mind is not full of enough addictive things lately….




One response

8 01 2008

New Year and new thoughts, new design on the blog and what… new books?!

You are awesome! Glad to see the new dedication to bloggin as well, I am in the same boat. Gotta do it!

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