I sure spend a lot of time wondering

10 01 2008

Lately I think that I “think” to much…Do things really need to be as complicated as I make them? Seriously? 

So why won’t my brain turn off then? I lay down at night and my mind starts a movie that I just can’t seem to turn off..I dream dreams that I can’t remember and never feel content when I wake. 

You see I live my life on a basis of things happen for a reason.  You meet people when you need them and they stay in your life because they are suppose to… So this leads me to believe that I am thinking because I am suppose to.  That said…WTF?  Where is the answer? 

Why do I feel so pulled in a direction that I should not be, yet it feels so right?  Why is it so easy and comfortable? 

The answer, if I use my way of thinking that is….would be…thats where I am suppose to be…

So here I am…




One response

10 01 2008

Well I am glad life has gotten you where you are… hopefully you can figure out why you don’t remember dreams or maybe answer a few questions so you can slow down at night and sleep a little easier and remember those dreams.

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