What a day!

13 01 2008

Okay, anyone that truely knows me knows that I am a person that LOVES to stay busy…But today takes the freakin cake!

Up til about a half hour ago this it the first time I have sat down to relax today! 

Up at 8:00 am.

Off to dance at 8:30

Dance from 9:00 to 10:00

Dropping of Big R at home at 10:15

Leaving for Quilt Class at 10:30

Quilt Class 11:00 to 12:00


Then get my nails done

Birthday party from 3:00-5:00

Buying a NEW CAR!! til 9!

Thats right ladies and GENTLEMAN! I got my nails done and a new car today! What a great freakin day I tell you! LMAO

I got my nails done for years non stop, but since having little R and being a full time stay at home mommy I have not been getting them done.  However, I am a Nail Technican and in the last few months I have been doing nail nights at a friends every other Thursday.  Boy, nothing makes you want your nails done more than doing other peoples.



Then on to the new vehicle..  We bought a truck back in May because we wanted something newer than the car I was driving thats warranty had just expired.  We needed something that could pull our trailer and haul our four wheeler.  SO…we purchased a 2007 dodge 2 wheel drive pick up truck.  WOW did I hate driving that thing and getting my kids up into their carseats!  Don’t get my wrong, I know girls look hot driving trucks, but this girl is content to look hot not driving one! Add to that, my husband has his own beater truck now that can pull the trailer and haul the four wheeler, so now I don’t have to be the driver of a truck anymore!

I went in and told them that I wanted my payment to stay the same and that I wanted something that had the capability of holding 3 carseats in the back and WAY BETTER GAS MILAGE….

Behold the beautiful new vehicle that is ALL MINE!!!


A 2008 Jeep Liberty…I am in freakin love!




2 responses

13 01 2008

Nails look great. Jeep Liberty looks like a Nitro, but still awesome! Glad you stayed busy, it is how you love life.

15 01 2008

I love the new car. You go girl.

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