Random thoughts…?

18 01 2008


To be giddy and so overjoyed and anxious with feelings of love that it makes your heart pop out of your eyes whenever you’re around your new crush. Orgins-Disney’s Bambi, when all the little animals were mating and falling in love because it was spring.  Examples for using in a sentence: ” I know he’s the one because it’s been a year and a half and I’m still twitterpated,” or, “I really didn’t mean to have sex with him on the first date, but I couldn’t help it, I was so twitterpated!”

BULLSHIT! Seriously! Come on!

Shouldn’t you just say..Horny? That’s what guys mean when say it.

Where do people come up with this crap?  I am long past believeing in anything other than things happening for a reason….

And so…Here I sit cause something happened that I had no control over and I want to scream!

(Here is where I put in my normal way of looking at life) Moving along on a different route…

Start over.




2 responses

19 01 2008

But I like the word twitterpated! It just sounds so much cooler than ‘horny’. Lots of love!

20 01 2008

Horny is just wanting to have sex. Twitterpated is more the physical gut wrentching feeling that makes you aware you want to have sex with the person. Don’t blame the guys, they aren’t the only ones with the feelings.

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