Sick and Stupid

20 01 2008

As you may have guessed…I am sick.  I mean sick.  I feel like crap in a hand basket and for some reason I can’t get a freakin day off.  Now this being sick leads me into explaining the second half of my title…Why can’t I control myself and why the heck to I do such stupid things?

I mean, I am a pretty smart person..And when I feel something I usually go with it.  So why didn’t I this time? I knew this would happen and it did.  Wow, I really need start listening to myself a little more than I do. 

Problem is, I wouldn’t take it back anyway…

Which leads me to…Sick and Stupid




One response

20 01 2008

Sometimes knowing what you mean sucks. Although I don’t think it is exactly as you think it is.

The things you do/did, you did with reason.

The results can be read a lot of different ways. I think the way you are seeing them is biased, and I hope you are wrong.

Don’t feel stupid. It will all work out.

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