People in my life…

21 01 2008

I used to wonder why I kept certain people in my life…

My best friend Bree will be with me forever, I know it and you would be hard pressed to prove me different…But what about the other everyday people?

I do think that people come into your life and stay for only as long as you truely “need” them.  They give to you and you give back until each one gets what they need and then the relationship will end or slowly just drift away.  Some days I find myself looking at the people around me and wondering…

Am I giving them what they need from me? Am I getting what I need from them?  Now I know this can’t be answered with just a simple yes or no… Each day is different and only time will tell.  Oh how I wish I had more answers though.

Take for example Jeri…A very dear friend that I had for years, then over a few months she just drifted away and our friendship is gone.  I know this shouldn’t be so hard for me to take, as I believe it is not without reason, but oh god how it hurt me.

The problem with me is that I am an emotional person. I do not hid my feelings and I don’t hold them back.  I care very easily for people in my life and this often hurts me in the end.  Its true what they say about most relationships being two sided…Someone is always more invested emotionally than the other.




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21 01 2008

That sucks. I have learned that just cause someone has wandered away, a simple “Hello” can often bring them back into your life.

If you are feeling you are not getting what you want/need then let the other party know.

Explain, that you want/need them in your life and that you really just want more time.

Don’t worry about what other have to say, or where the other party has gone to, just say “Hello”.

If they are meant to be in your life, they will be.

22 01 2008

My husband is a lot like this – he gets attached to people very easily. I do too, but I think it’s different in that my circle of close friends is very small, but for good reason. It’s easier to keep up with 5 or 6 close friends than 20 people I see every now and then. But I know it would suck if/when one of these close people drift away.

24 01 2008

Love ya! We may be apart but you will always be part of our lives! No drifting away here!! (p.s. Aaron is looking for a position in SLC since his best friend is too!)

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