2 02 2008

Oh how I hate the feeling of being trapped in my own life. 

Do I have anything to complain about seriously? No.  Its just recently been found to be in my freaking nature to bitch for no god damn apparent reason.  I know this does not sound right, but I am who I am.  Honest if not anything.

I really have no purpose.  Yes I am a mom.  Yes I am a wife.  But for hells sake what about Rachel? I swear to god most days she is just suffocating.  She gets to come out every now and then, but oh so not enough.

I want to be taken care of,  not always the one doing the taking care of.  I want to feel loved and sexy way more than I do.  I want to fell like I have something to do and somewhere to go.  Oh how I hate doing nothing.  The days pass like they never even happen, where does it go?  I swear only the cat understands.

God bless Oscar the cat and his ability to just sit next to me and purr.  It helps me to breath and be calm.




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