Life is kicking my ass…

9 02 2008

Oh yes it is…One foot after another.  I tell you now I don’t know how much more of the shit I can take. 

On a lighter note…LMAO…Went to see 27 dresses again last night. By god it is a good movie. Especially if you are me and you do enjoy a romantic comedy! I do love my sap.  But I would have to say that comedy trumps even a good romantic movie for me, like say Juno…That was a damn fine tribute to sarcasm! Love it!

On the home front, you guessed it, hubby still works ALL THE TIME!  Getting a sitter is now non existent as my sister has finally turned me down to many times for me to even asked her anymore.  There goes my Valentines date.  Of course when it rains in pours, right?

So I sit here soaked in emotional crap and all I can think is…The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow!  Man I need to laugh!




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