Oh, what a case of the Mondays

8 04 2008

Yep, its Monday.

Can you feel it guys?

Rainee had preschool for the first time today and I think we did well.  Other than that I completely uneventful day has flown by.  I have read almost another complete book making it 5 in two weeks. I am completely consumed when I read as you can tell.

I think I need some time alone to process my thoughts. Maybe I can run away from life a little tonight when the hubs gets home from the in laws.  I am thinking a date with the tanning bed is calling my name.  Then a nice hot bath and the rest of my book.

I have completed absolutely nothing today short of taking Rainee to school and going to the bank. Well that and of course getting a coffee.  Should probably figure out what to make for dinner.  Maybe I will make some peanut butter cookies, they sure sound good with coffee right now.

Better yet, I am a working woman now…I am ordering pizza.




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