My husband is trying to kill me

5 04 2008

I truely swear to god that he is…Not in the physical sense of course, but the emotional one for sure.  He can’t handle our kids without freaking out and then of course its my fault.  He is lazy and it drives me nuts.  I am on the go all the time. I like seeing things and going places.  He likes watching tv and staying home.

So how would you say that it has come to be that we are still married?  I think at this point we are floating on luck. People say you have to work on a marriage to make it work…But whatever if the things that need to be worked on are just part of who the person is and no something they are doing?

I really wish that I had answers.  And this I am sure is not the day to try and find them as I am clearly not rational.

I think.


Little old me

2 04 2008

It has come to my attention inthe last few weeks that there is no pictures of me anywere that were not taken by me.  Should I be concerned that there is no one in my life that wants to take my picture?  I am always the picture taker…I take pictures of my family and friends, but the only ones of me are the ones I have taken of myself on my cell phone for specific reasons. 

No pictures of me at the holidays or anything….



17 03 2008

Life is some crazy stuff I must say.  Turns and twists I can’t even comprehend most days.

I would say its just me and my craziness…But I am pretty sure its the world. LOL

Things change so quickly, they go in ways that you don’t expect.  Some ways you don’t really know how to handle. You go with the flow, ride the wave and you learn from your past to make a better future. 


Life is kicking my ass…

9 02 2008

Oh yes it is…One foot after another.  I tell you now I don’t know how much more of the shit I can take. 

On a lighter note…LMAO…Went to see 27 dresses again last night. By god it is a good movie. Especially if you are me and you do enjoy a romantic comedy! I do love my sap.  But I would have to say that comedy trumps even a good romantic movie for me, like say Juno…That was a damn fine tribute to sarcasm! Love it!

On the home front, you guessed it, hubby still works ALL THE TIME!  Getting a sitter is now non existent as my sister has finally turned me down to many times for me to even asked her anymore.  There goes my Valentines date.  Of course when it rains in pours, right?

So I sit here soaked in emotional crap and all I can think is…The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow!  Man I need to laugh!

Naked or Pissed?

7 02 2008

What do you think?



6 02 2008

Dear god, they will get you…I mean it. Right out of no where.

Or maybe its just crazy me that has this problem.  One day just happy floating along. The next day, bam, WTF!

I knew it…I swear to god I knew it.  Only things that drive me truly crazy deep down get to my true feelings.

Just great…

The Love Cup

5 02 2008

How do you know that somebody loves you?  When they give you something they picked up for you just because they thought you would love it! OMG…I actually think this may be one of the best feeling in the world. 

Well next to Twitterpatted of course.  LOL

My dear Crazy friend Erin bought me this beautiful, HUGE, black and pink hearted mug (need I say more?) that is so perfect! Everytime I look at it there is no way I can not smile. 


Add to that, when you take a drink, a pretty little heart pops out at you!  LOVE IT!


Now you may be thinking, why is she blogging about a heart cup?  You see, I am always the one giving little presents to people I care about for no reason.  This is the first time ever that it has happened to me. 

So while its just a cup to you, its a whole hell of a lot more to me.