Little old me

2 04 2008

It has come to my attention inthe last few weeks that there is no pictures of me anywere that were not taken by me.  Should I be concerned that there is no one in my life that wants to take my picture?  I am always the picture taker…I take pictures of my family and friends, but the only ones of me are the ones I have taken of myself on my cell phone for specific reasons. 

No pictures of me at the holidays or anything….



One hell of a bad day

20 03 2008

OMG, this day has sucked from morning til now.  Started with really whiny kids and ended with the new dog pissing on my floor.  I will spare you all the crap inbetween, but know that is really was a bad day! 

I hate bad days, its like a ball starts rolling that you can’t stop even if you tried.  That is how it always is for me.  If I wake up to something bad, I just know that is how my day is going to be. 

Its a good thing I know its normal, or I would definately think it was just me and my bad luck.


17 03 2008

Life is some crazy stuff I must say.  Turns and twists I can’t even comprehend most days.

I would say its just me and my craziness…But I am pretty sure its the world. LOL

Things change so quickly, they go in ways that you don’t expect.  Some ways you don’t really know how to handle. You go with the flow, ride the wave and you learn from your past to make a better future. 


What the heck???

16 03 2008

So we decided sometime last year that we were going to get a puppy.  Those of you that know me well, know I am not really a dog person…I purr if you know what I mean.  However, the hubs wants one and I have puss so you know.  I have been searching for a puppy we can have in our neighborhood for weeks.  You  know last time I checked there were a million puppies without homes, but of course there would be none when we look.

There are nearly hundreds of lab mixes that are adorable, but we can’t have them. So today I set out to find out new family pet.  After 4 hours and 4 places….We got him! He is a Jack Russel Terrier.  He is not a little puppy, but he is only 9 months old.  He is super sweet and great with my girls.  He is afraid of puss though and I find that about as fabulously funny as the show Still Standing! LMAO

Anywho…Top it off with the fact that I want a little kitten for as a gift to a friend of mine….And of course there is NO ONE giving away free kittys!! WTF?  Is there not a million stray kittens out there that people are usually looking for homes for?  Of course not….Not when I need one that is…

Life is kicking my ass…

9 02 2008

Oh yes it is…One foot after another.  I tell you now I don’t know how much more of the shit I can take. 

On a lighter note…LMAO…Went to see 27 dresses again last night. By god it is a good movie. Especially if you are me and you do enjoy a romantic comedy! I do love my sap.  But I would have to say that comedy trumps even a good romantic movie for me, like say Juno…That was a damn fine tribute to sarcasm! Love it!

On the home front, you guessed it, hubby still works ALL THE TIME!  Getting a sitter is now non existent as my sister has finally turned me down to many times for me to even asked her anymore.  There goes my Valentines date.  Of course when it rains in pours, right?

So I sit here soaked in emotional crap and all I can think is…The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow!  Man I need to laugh!

Naked or Pissed?

7 02 2008

What do you think?


24 Months clothes my ass…Maybe 36 months?

6 02 2008