Oh, what a case of the Mondays

8 04 2008

Yep, its Monday.

Can you feel it guys?

Rainee had preschool for the first time today and I think we did well.  Other than that I completely uneventful day has flown by.  I have read almost another complete book making it 5 in two weeks. I am completely consumed when I read as you can tell.

I think I need some time alone to process my thoughts. Maybe I can run away from life a little tonight when the hubs gets home from the in laws.  I am thinking a date with the tanning bed is calling my name.  Then a nice hot bath and the rest of my book.

I have completed absolutely nothing today short of taking Rainee to school and going to the bank. Well that and of course getting a coffee.  Should probably figure out what to make for dinner.  Maybe I will make some peanut butter cookies, they sure sound good with coffee right now.

Better yet, I am a working woman now…I am ordering pizza.


My husband is trying to kill me

5 04 2008

I truely swear to god that he is…Not in the physical sense of course, but the emotional one for sure.  He can’t handle our kids without freaking out and then of course its my fault.  He is lazy and it drives me nuts.  I am on the go all the time. I like seeing things and going places.  He likes watching tv and staying home.

So how would you say that it has come to be that we are still married?  I think at this point we are floating on luck. People say you have to work on a marriage to make it work…But whatever if the things that need to be worked on are just part of who the person is and no something they are doing?

I really wish that I had answers.  And this I am sure is not the day to try and find them as I am clearly not rational.

I think.

Little old me

2 04 2008

It has come to my attention inthe last few weeks that there is no pictures of me anywere that were not taken by me.  Should I be concerned that there is no one in my life that wants to take my picture?  I am always the picture taker…I take pictures of my family and friends, but the only ones of me are the ones I have taken of myself on my cell phone for specific reasons. 

No pictures of me at the holidays or anything….


One hell of a bad day

20 03 2008

OMG, this day has sucked from morning til now.  Started with really whiny kids and ended with the new dog pissing on my floor.  I will spare you all the crap inbetween, but know that is really was a bad day! 

I hate bad days, its like a ball starts rolling that you can’t stop even if you tried.  That is how it always is for me.  If I wake up to something bad, I just know that is how my day is going to be. 

Its a good thing I know its normal, or I would definately think it was just me and my bad luck.

These are a few of my favorite things…

5 02 2008

Its quiet at my house.  The girls are asleep and the cat is too.  The tv is turned off and so are the lights. This is my favorite time of the night.  I love tucking my girls into bed.  The smell of lotion and shampoo, wrapped in soft pjs and yawning.  Even when I feel as if I can’t control my own mind and heart, its amazing how content I can feel at just doing one thing that brings me pure happiness.

And so it is with my girls safely and softly tucked into bed that I set off to spend a little time with Rachel.  A hot bath and a bottle of Purple polish are calling my name…